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College accommodation fees have risen every year for the last nine years at rates which are yet to be justified by the University. #RippedOff calls for the University to re-evaluate the cost of accommodation and make Durham’s unique collegiate experience accessible to all.

Over the past three years Students’ Union Presidents have gained University agreement that fees won’t be increased by arbitrary amounts, commitment to a review of differentiated pricing, commitment to an increase in funds for bursaries and to a tiered bursary system and agreement to a report to show how colleges are funded, due this September.

But there’s still a lot of work to do, because despite our extensive paper to the University executive council, accommodation fees have risen again by 3.38% for the 2019/20 academic year. You can read more about it here.

If you want the latest updates from the campaign follow our President George on social media.

Every year a paper against rising accommodation fees is submitted to SFAAG. The University is very reluctant to consider the views of the student body in their decision making. Let the #RippedOff journey begin...

May 2017

#RippedOff is born after a policy is passed at Assembly. #RippedOff’s first action is a petition, which received over 2,000 signatures from dissatisfied students.

Ripped Off Logo

June 2017
  • #RippedOff has its first success, as the University commits to setting up a group to look into differential pricing.
  • A demonstration is planned to take place outside the University meeting discussing next year’s accommodation fees (SFAAG), but at last minute the University disappointingly move the meeting outside of term-time. SU President Alice Dee, in an effort to ensure the voices of students are still heard, hand delivers a hard copy of the petition to the Vice Chancellor.


October 2017

Rippedoff protest

November 2017
  • Another demonstration takes place outside the Palatine Centre, featuring speeches from several students.
  • Students fill out postcards explaining why they feel #RippedOff. Responses are heart-breaking, telling of elitism, isolation, and financial difficulties.

Ripped off postcards

June 2018
  • After extensive research from SU staff, a 13-page proposal is submitted to SFAAG detailing the feasibility and necessity of a freeze in fees. The University responds with an inadequate 59-word ‘no’.
  • Megan Croll rallies students on Facebook live and organises a meeting to discuss the next steps of the campaign.
  • George Walker and David Evans hand out flyers at the University Open Day, informing prospective students about the extortionate fees. The action clearly scares the University, and George and David are asked to leave the premises.

Megan - Ripped off

July 2018
  • The University commits to a new tiered bursary system after lobbying from SU President Megan Croll. This gives more students access to appropriate financial support.

David and George Open days

October 2018

Pay your cards right

November 2018

St Aidans RippedOff

#RippedOff will not be silenced. 2018/19 will be a year of continual escalating action. Keep updated on the campaign’s next steps in the Facebook group.