About Course Reps

Course reps are the elected students responsible for talking to other students on their course about their educational experience at Durham University.

They are the people on the ground gathering opinions from students about their course; this will vary from the course content to the class sizes and classroom space.

They will also gather opinion on other academic resources such as the books available in the library or facilities available, including computers and online resources.

They will then act as the spokesperson to the University and feed back outcomes to students.

We’re currently looking for our next cohort of course reps. If you’d like your voice heard and to instigate improvements on your course, go to duo to apply.

If you’d like any further information, please contact: emma.l.watson@durham.ac.uk.


What's in it for you?

  • Course reps get the chance to work on some exciting projects that make positive improvements for students.
  • The role of a course rep is not necessarily just highlighting the negative aspects of your course, but also finding out about the good things that happen and sharing good practice.
  • A course rep can also highlight something that is working well but make suggestions on how it could be even better.

Course reps are constantly involved in a wide variety of research and activities, in cooperation with the wider Students’ Union as well as their departments and faculties. In the recent past, course reps have successfully conducted research with their peers which led to example exam papers and answers being made available by departments, and have lobbied the University and created campaigns to resist proposed course closures.

To achieve this, course reps have worked at a variety of levels with everyone from professors and peers to the local community, created online surveys and petitions, and impacted the academic life of thousands of Durham students.

The Course Rep Journey for UGs


Nomination week! Go to DUO to nominate yourself.


Voting period opens! Exciting times! Go to DUO to vote.


Announcement day! Elected course reps for 20/21 year revealed.