Meet the team


George Walker
George Walker hover
George Walker SU President 0191 334 1776 Email George
David Evans
David Evans hover
David Evans PG Academic Officer 0191 334 1776 Email David
Meg Haskins
Meg Haskins hover
Meg Haskins Welfare and Liberation Officer 0191 334 1776 Email Meg
Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker hover
Charlie Walker Opportunities Officer 0191 334 1776 Email Charlie
Saul Cahill
Saul Cahill hover
Saul Cahill UG Academic Officer 0191 334 1776 Email Saul

Senior Leadership Team

Gareth Hughes
Gareth Hughes hover
Gareth Hughes Chief Executive 0191 334 1776 Email Gary
Georgi Lambert
Georgi Lambert hover
Georgina Lambert Director of Campaigns 0191 334 1758 Email Georgi
Kirsty Morrison
Kirsty Morrison hover
Kirsty Morrison Director of Services 0191 334 1450 Email Kirsty

Central team

Martin Horrocks
Martin Horrocks hover
Martin Horrocks Finance Manager 0191 334 1802 Email Martin
Alison Carr
Alison Carr hover
Alison Carr Finance Coordinator 0191 334 1768 Email Alison
Chris Liddle
Chris Liddle hover
Christopher Liddle Finance Assistant 0191 334 1784 Email Chris
Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson hover
Laura Wilkinson Executive Assistant 0191 334 1451 Email Laura

Marketing team

Kirsty Deacon-Brown
Kirsty Deacon-Brown hover
Kirsty Deacon-Brown Marketing Manager 0191 334 1809 Email Kirsty
Ross Kitching
Ross Kitching hover
Ross Kitching Digital Communications Exec (Web and Data) 0191 334 1779 Email Ross
Gavin Shepherdson
Gavin Shepherdson hover
Gavin Shepherdson Digital Communications Exec 0191 334 1793 Email Gavin
Ellie Scorah
Ellie Scorah hover
Ellie Scorah Communications Assistant 0191 334 1763 Email Ellie

Opportunities team

Jamie Caress
Jamie Caress hover
Jamie Caress Opportunities Manager 0191 334 1449 Email JamieI oversee the Opportunities team and our work around student groups, DUCK and the Students’ Union Reception Team as well as supporting the priorities and projects of the Opportunities Officer.
Jemma Graham
Jemma Graham hover
Jemma Graham Oppportunities Coordinator 0191 334 1986 Email Jemma
Jon Dougherty
Jon Dougherty hover
Jon Dougherty Opportunities Coordinator 0191 334 1811 Email Jon
Claire Marshall
Claire Marshall hover
Claire Marshall Opportunities Coordinator 0191 334 1418 Email Claire

Policy team

Rebecca Henderson
Rebecca Henderson hover
Rebecca Henderson Policy Manager 0191 334 4400 Email RebeccaYou can get in touch with me for pretty much anything policy-related! Whether you have identified an area of University policy that you feel should be changed, have an amazing new idea that could improve the Durham experience for students, or are facing a barrier in your University life, I’ll be able to point you in the right direction.
Richard Bruce
Richard Bruce hover
Richard Bruce Policy Coordinator (Education) 0191 334 1769 Email RichardYou can contact me about any academic matter from across the University. I support your Academic Reps and both of the Academic Officers, so I can help you get support, or find someone to make your voice heard on an academic issue to your Department.
Nicola Frampton
Nicola Frampton hover
Nicola Frampton Policy Coordinator (Welfare) 0191 334 1786 Email Nicola
Charlotte Lawson
Charlotte Lawson hover
Charlotte Lawson Campaigns Coordinator 0191 334 1790 Email CharlotteIf you want to campaign to make a change within the SU then contact me! Not only do I coordinate the SU campaigns, but I’m also here to provide help and support for any campaigns you may want to run- no matter how big or small they are!
Imogen Charvill-Ryall
Imogen Charvill-Ryall hover
Imogen Charvill-Ryall Student Adviser 0191 334 1777Get in touch with me to ask about anything you might need advice or guidance on. My aim is to help you to find the best way to resolve any problems that you might encounter while you’re a student, and if I can’t help, I will always try to let you know who can. The service is free, impartial and confidential, so you know you always have someone to turn to when you’re in a tricky situation.

Commercial team

Tim Lamb
Tim Lamb hover
Tim Lamb Commercial Manager 0191 334 4411 Email Tim
Leanne Hopper
Leanne Hopper hover
Leanne Hopper Sales & Events Coordinator 0191 334 1781 Email Leanne
Cathleen Robertson
Cathleen Robertson hover
Cathleen Robertson Café Manager 0191 334 4412 Email Cathy