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Welcome to Pincident. This tool maps harassment, violence, assault and discrimination in Durham City Centre. It has been designed to aid a better understanding of harassment and violence within Durham, so that we can more effectively tackle and challenge this behaviour.

You can share your experiences on Pincident whether you were the target of or witness to the incident, and regardless of if you have or intend to formally report it. Click Submit above to add your experiences to the map.

Please note that you will not be formally reporting the incident. If you do wish to formally report the incident, click Report above for details of appropriate authorities. 

To find more about Pincident and how it was created, read this article from Rosa, Durham SU's Welfare and Liberation Officer.

Pincident Map

Click on the different pins to see what harassment has taken place in different areas of Durham as reported through Pincident. This is updated and reset on a monthly basis. 

Please be aware pins are representative of an area, not the specific location the incident took place.