About us

Our governance

Durham Students' Union is a company limited by guarantee (07689815), and registered in England and Wales and is a registered charity (1145400). The registered address is Dunelm House, New Elvet, Durham, DH1 3AN. Durham SU is a separate organisation to Durham University and its charitable governance is overseen by its' Board of Trustees. Under charity law and The Education Act 1994 both the Charity Commission and Durham University have obligations and requirements to and of Durham Students Union, for which the Trustees are responsible for ensuring are upheld. Durham SU's governing documents - our Code of Practice, Articles of Association, and Standing Orders seek to this is done in services of Durham SU's charitable objects. 

Our purpose

Durham SU exists for a purpose: We’re the champion of every Durham student. We’re interested in the things that matter to them. We stand up for their rights. We bring them together. We celebrate their success.

We know how we want to see the future. We’re working to make sure that students have the power and opportunity to transform their time at Durham. Our job is to make our vision into reality. This plan to 2022 describes the actions we’ll take on our journey to achieve our vision.

We know where we’re heading, but we’ll definitely face new opportunities and challenges on the way. We’ll always be guided by our principles; they’ll ensure make the right decisions, and help us hold ourselves to account:

We champion students:

  • We’re a student rights organisation. Our collectivism makes us stronger.
  • We know students make the best decisions about things that affect them. We trust our members.


We’re proud of Durham.

  • We always recognise success but we always strive for better.
  • Our collegiate University means we do things differently here. We like that.


We make the future better:

  • We’re a students’ union with a purpose. We’re relentless in pursuit of our mission.
  • We make change for students, with students, in their interests.