Our policies

Welcome to the Policy page! SU policy is passed through Assembly and it’s sub-committees and is valid for a period of 2 years from the date that it was passed. Policy mandates our SU Officers to work on things and affect change directed by students. If you’d like to find out more about how you can submit a policy, please get in touch with our Policy Manager at dsu.governance@durham.ac.uk.

Below you can find all of our current live policy and updates on the progress made so far:

Category Policies
Education 24 hour library
Postgraduates who teach
UCU Anti-Casualisation
International Tuition Fees
Student Opportunities Cut college costs
Voter registration
Naming of the 17th college
Tyne and Wear Citizens
JCR Management and Leadership Training
Governance Dunelm House
Assembly engagement and accessibility
SU Reps committee
Elections expenses
Support of the associations
Procedural motions
Welfare and Liberation Antisemitism at Durham
Rental guarantor scheme
Free and accessible menstruation
A Students' Union that cares
Transforming Durham SU
Faith space
GMB deal
Support the fight for marriage equality in Northern Ireland
Support for direct action against rising accommodation fees
Association elections
Association ratification