Activate your Durham SU account

Get more out of your time at Durham by activating your Durham SU account. Every Durham student is automatically a member of Durham SU, and your account will allow you to join student groups, purchase tickets for events, and have full access to the benefits of the SU.

How do I activate my account?

You should have received an email detailing on how to do this. If you haven't or have lost the email, please follow the steps below.


If you're having issues receiving your activation instructions, follow the below steps:

  • Click on 'Sign in', and then use the Durham Students Portal login button.
  • Enter your CIS Username, and create a password
  • Complete your details on the registration page, entering your Durham email address ( Please do not use personal email addresses or your CIS username as you may not be able to join society exec!
  • Once you've completed the registration details, you should receive a confirmation email.