Cut college costs

This policy mandates an SU-run campaign against rising accommodation fees. It also calls for an extensive review of current and past fees in relation to RPI, followed by a call to freeze accommodations until a thorough review is completed.

Related Officer: President

Passed/Renewed: 09/05/2017

Expiry: 09/05/2019

Last updated: Epiphany 2019

  1. Easter 2017 Policy passed. The #RippedOff campaigns launched and the petition is circulated.
  2. Michaelmas 2017 #RippedOff demonstration took place outside the Palatine Centre. Palatinate covers bad value for money for Durham University accommmodation.
  3. Epiphany 2018 Research was gathered to support a fee-freeze proposal paper for SFAAG in Easter Term.
  4. Easter 2018 A 13 page evidence-based proposal was sent to SFAAG demanding a freeze in fees.
  5. Michaelmas 2018 The Ripped Off campaign continues to gain momentum. The largest Ripped Off protest was held at Palace Green. Aidan's has created their own branch of the Ripped Off campaign.
  6. Epiphany 2019 Continued progress on Ripped Off Campaign