NUS Campaigns

Disabled Students’ campaign

The Disabled Students’ campaign exists to represent, and extend and defend the rights of disabled students using campaigning, activism, research and training to work positively to impact disabled students lives. A lot of Durham's facilities are physically inaccessible, which poses a big problem to ensuring our student groups are inclusive communities, this campaign can support us in campaigning for more accessible facilities.

NUS Alcohol Impact

We have been working with the University on the NUS Alcohol Impact programme and are now fully accredited. This campaign aims to embed social norms of responsible drinking on our campuses, changing attitudes towards alcohol and build a healthier, safer and more productive student community.

Read more about how we did this here.

Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free (KWAF)

NUS has campaigned for Wednesday afternoons to be kept free from lectures at universities to enable student groups to flourish. However, with universities seeking to increase subjects and student numbers free Wednesday afternoons are under threat at some institutions, or have never existed. At Durham Wednesday afternoons are kept free for taught students at least, but please do get in touch should you ever have concerns over timetabling creating a barrier to participation in activities.

You can read a summary report on how the NUS campaign is going here.