Your data is important to us

We're a membership organisation which means at our heart is our students and the information process to make your University experience incredible. We also employ staff, work with suppliers and have customers for our commercial services so the information on this page is for those people too.

The way we manage and process your data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulations and Privacy of Electronic Communications Regulations, and these web pages aim to explain how we manage your information inline with the Regulations and what this means for you. We've been really open and transparent on these pages to help you be fully informed and understand your rights. Below you can see: how we access your data; our legal basis for processing your data and how you can change your preferences; who else processes data about you; and our policies for processing the data. Processing of personal data is also governed by the Data Protection Act 2018 and the codes of practice issued by the ICO.

We also have a document detailing our guidelines for all staff members and student volunteers. This can be viewed here. For student groups, you can find guidance and resources to help you understand your data protection responsibilities in our student group resources here. 

The data we process

Your data rights

Our legal basis for processing your data

Please be aware that while we have outlined the legal bases for processing your data, not all of these legal bases will apply to you. You should make sure you read each relevant privacy notice for further information.


As a student, customer or staff member you will likely have a contract with us when you use our services which allows us to facilitate our obligations to you.


In some cases, we may seek your consent for us to process your data for marketing purposes, prizes or competitions or engaging with our platforms.


We are obliged by various laws, inlcuding Education Act, Contracts Act and employment law to process certain data.

Legitimate Interest

We carefully balance your rights when we think there is a legitimate interest in us processing data to support you.

Marketing preferences

The Students' Union carefully curate marketing and communications that might be relevant to you. Sometimes we need to send essential information where we believe there is a legitimate interest in you receiving this.

Our privacy statements detail more information about how we use your data to communicate with you or where you have given consent send you marketing. We use cookies to provide a tracking service of your usage with our website and recommend that you take the time to read our guidance on Cookies.

We also occasionally communicate with you through Durham University's platforms and media. The primary way we do this is through the weekly President's email, sent on our behalf to a Durham University student mailing list, so that we can keep you informed of  the member benefits you are entitled to, and of what the Officers you’ve elected do in representing you. You can find out more about University mailing lists here, and how the University uses data here.