Being a delegate

Who can be a delegate?

Any student can nominate themselves to be a delegate. You can nominate yourself here.

Under NUS policy, 50% of the delegation shall be reserved for students who self-define as women.

The Role

As a delegate you will attend NUS National Conference and represent Durham Students’ Union members.

At National Conference you will:

  • Engage in debate and discussion on key issues facing students including NUS #StudentsDeserveBetter campaign and #DecoloniseEducation campaign.
  • Be part of shaping upcoming priorities for students, Students’ Unions and NUS (through voting on policy on key issues facing students)
  • Elect Democratic Procedures Committee and National Scrutiny Council members (you will hear from all candidates and then have the opportunity to vote)
  • Have an opportunity to grow your own campaigning skills to take action on issues that matter to you.
  • Represent Durham SU and Durham University students in a positive way..

You will have full speaking and voting rights at Conference.

How much time commitment does the role require?

The time commitment is the duration of National Conference (6th-8th April). National Conference will be hosted online with breaks built into the conference timings for accessibility. You will also be required to attend SU delivered training beforehand. Additional time commitment includes the time required to vote on policies before National Conference and any time needed to read National Conference papers. There will also be an opportunity to attend optional NUS training sessions.

If you want to get more involved you can take part in sessions before and after National Conference ran by NUS to shape what they should be vocal and visible on in the coming year.

You can read more about National conference here.