Durham University to end contracts with companies who violate human rights!

by Mike Potter 16 October 2017, 17:18

Category: University Petition

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Durham SU policy position re-adopted and lobbied for. 

Durham University outsources its facilities management contract to Mitie Group PLC, a contract which it is about to renew and expand. However Mitie is not a socially responsible company, and in fact has an extremely worrying negative social impact. This violates the University’s Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy. 
Mitie has been criticised for human rights abuses in the operation of its immigration detention centres in the UK. Its business practices are exploitative of some of the most vulnerable members of our society; asylum seekers.
We would like to be part of a university that ensures that it does not cause harm to vulnerable members of our society, whether directly or indirectly. We therefore call for the university to:
  • Commit not to sign any further contracts with Mitie Group PLC whilst it continues to commit human rights abuses and treat detainees inhumanely.
  • To the greatest extent permitted by the Public Contracts Regulations, to update the university’s procurement policy to exclude any bidder which is guilty of socially-damaging practices, in particular the institutionalised mistreatment, subjugation and exploitation of vulnerable people.


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    Robert Shipley   wrote, 16-10-2017 - 20:39

    I think it would be great for the university to think more about how it acts in society and the effects it has on vulnerable people.

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