Creating a Criminology Society

by Jane Bowler 22 February 2018, 14:52

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As a second-year Criminology student, I was saddened to find that there was no criminology society in place upon arriving in Durham last year. Although there are a vast number of societies in place, I believe that no other society is entirely relevant to the interests of those studying criminology degrees.

This new society would hold guest lectures and talks with individuals relevant to our degree programme, for example, army officials, police officers, ex-offenders and those in crime scene investigation. In doing so, they would promote the job opportunities within their field of employment. Not only would this be beneficial to those studying Criminology, but it would also be interesting for those who do not study the programme but want to learn more about these fields. 

Despite the academic advantages described above, this new society would also generate social benefits as individuals would have the opportunity to make new friends and socials would be held to solidify friendships made through this society. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any consideration is greatly appreciated. 


Jane Bowler.