NUS conference

NUS National Conference happens once a year and is an opportunity for all the delegates from NUS affiliated Students’ Unions (known as constitute members) to come together and review the work over the last year, decide on priorities for the following year and elect new leadership.

In 2019, NUS changed the way policy is submitted to Natioanl Conference. Instead of lots of policies being able to be submitted by any delegate, now each affiliated Students' Union  can only submit one policy. This policy is written by the SU Officer Team and considers what is important and relevant to the students' they represent. The elected delgates then have the ability to vote on all the different policies submitted by every affiliated Students' Union. The 8 policies with the most votes are taken forward to be discussed and debated on at National Conference. You can read more on what policy is taken to National Conference and how it is debated here.

Durham can take six delegates to National Conference with one place reserved for your President who acts as lead delegate.

We run elections to decide who the remaining five delegates will be to represent the Durham voice.

At conference you will...

  • Discuss motions sent to conference from around the UK and vote on whether they will become NUS policy.
  • Elect NUS’s full-time Officer team.
  • Network opportunity with delegates from all over the UK.

If you're interested in becoming an NUS Delegate, visit our dedicated section here.