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Candidates must account for all expenditure spent in support of their campaign on the election expenses form provided to candidates after they nominate themselves.

This must be returned to the Union’s reception or a copy of the form and reciepts emailed to  by 17:00 on the final day of voting.

No candidate may incur expenditure beyond a maximum of £60. Candidates will be reimbursed for expenses up to £60, for which receipts must be provided. You can download the expense form here.

Rules and regulations

All candidates will be given full details of the rules at the candidate training and can refer to our regulations guidance here.

NUS Delegate role description

You can find out about being an NUS Delegate by reading our document here.

How to write your manifesto

Perfect those manifestos using our guide here.

Mini profile

You only have 50 words  don't waste them! Voters want to know why they should vote for you, so think about if including your degree, college and society memberships are the best use of that 50 word space. This profile will be shared on social media and be visible in the voting system.

No graphics or images other than your photo (below) will be included in your profile.

Full profile

Your full profile is limited to 300 words, and is your space to extrapolate on why you should be a delegate, what issues you want to address and how you will bring your experiences back from the conference to enrich student politics here at Durham. The profile will be available for students to read on the Durham SU website.


You will also be required to submit a photo along with your manifesto. Both your photo and profiles will be included on the Students’ Union’s website.