Student worker rights campaign

An increasing number of students are choosing to work part-time alongside their studies, in order to meet the rising costs associated with living and studying at University.

These jobs are often low-paying and on casual contracts, meaning it can be easy to become exploited whilst at work.

The added pressure of working alongside your degree, may also have an impact on your academic performance and ability to partake in other opportunities alongside your studies.

Our Student Workers Campaign aims to:

  • Increase students’ awareness of their rights at work, helping them to guard against common exploitative employment practices.
  • Collaborate with the University’s Careers Service to improve the quality of part-time employment opportunities available to Durham students.
  • Lobby Durham University to ensure that the rights of students who work for the University are respected in full, including the timely payment of wages and support for the campaign for the University to become a Living Wage Foundation accredited employer.


For more information about your rights at work visit our dedicated support page here, or you can also have a go at our Student Worker Rights quiz!