Statement from Assembly: Black Lives Matter

Wednesday 17-06-2020 - 04:30
Black lives matter

As Chair of Assembly, I know that our space and our structures, like those across our University and society, must be made more inclusive for students of colour. It's important for us to recognise, even as we condemn these behaviours, the importance of interrogating the rules, structures and culture of our Assembly and not assume that this is a problem that exists only outside us. – Jonny McCausland

Durham SU Assembly has expressed support for Black Lives Matter. Read their statement below:

"Durham SU Assembly stands in full solidarity with the family of George Floyd and the black community in the condemnation of the outrageous actions of the Minnesota law enforcement. We stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and denounce all instances of racism at this University, in the UK, and across the globe.

We recognise that the death of George Floyd represents only one out of countless similar cases and that these deaths are the result of pervasive institutional racism and deep-rooted prejudices, generated by centuries of neglect, systemic oppression and white hegemony.

We adopt a position of active anti-racism and commit ourselves to tackling racism and oppression wherever it is found. We call on all Durham students to use their privilege to engage with this issue and to accept a responsibility to act. The Durham People of Colour Association has provided a list of actions you can take on their Facebook page.

We also call on the University to do better than the empty words which have been published recently. Durham has a deep-rooted problem with systemic racism and hegemony, and if you are indeed ‘committed to tackling ignorance, intolerance and hatred’, you must take action! Your words are not enough. Prove to us that they were not performative. We are all watching.

Durham SU Assembly"

Durham SU Assembly is made up of the student representatives listed here.


To read Durham Students' Union's statement regarding Black Lives Matter, click here.

If you would like to know more about how you can support Black Lives Matter, look here.

If you would like to learn more about the Durham SU campaign to decolonise the curriculum, look here.

If you have experienced hate crime, bullying or harrassment as a student, you can find more information here on reporting and support available.



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