Lecture Capture: coming soon to a lecture theatre near you

Friday 06-04-2018 - 08:59
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Lecture Capture is a process which records lectures and makes them available to students online after the lecture has happened. And it’s finally making its way to Durham.

Lecture Capture is an important tool for accessibility, for example allowing those who might find it difficult to attend a lecture to listen at home afterwards, or for those whose first language is not English to listen again to sections they might need repeating. It’s also great for students with different learning styles, or who would like to re-listen to lectures for review and revision purposes.

Durham SU has been working with the University to introduce Lecture Capture since the 2014/15 academic year, with four years’ worth of Academic Officers helping pave the way for this development.

The University has been working behind the scenes for some time now to put this into motion. The aim is to begin fitting Lecture Capture equipment in centrally timetabled lecture rooms by October 2018. Centrally timetabled rooms are university lecture rooms which appear on the main timetable and do not include departmental rooms. The equipment will allow the audio and any digital presentations from a lecture to be recorded and then uploaded to duo.

As this is an ongoing project, many of the specific details aren’t yet finalised, but the University is committed to the decision and have hired a Lecture Capture Project Manager. You can find information on the University’s website here. Keep a look out for more detailed info this summer.

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