How we represent your academic interests

Thursday 11-04-2019 - 14:07


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We represent your academic interests! This is how…
Course reps – shaping your course based on your feedback
Durham SU supports 365 course reps, making sure you get your voice heard within your course. 
They’ve done some pretty cool things this year to make your lives that bit easier.
Course reps have:
•    Brought you double marking on big projects (Lizzie Lupton – 3rd Year UG Earth Science)
•    Made your dissertation hand-ins simpler (Simon Wannagat  – Postgraduate Taught Law LLM rep)
•    Used lots of creative methods, including post-it notes, to collect your feedback (Sam Whelan  – 2nd Year UG Engineering)
Big thank you to all the course reps who have made a difference this year!

Advice Service – supporting you when you need it most
The Advice Service has helped 42 students with academic issues this year.
This has included:
•    Supporting students with academic appeals, including unreasonable results and academic misconduct
•    Helping students understand their options when they wish to change course
We’re here for you when things don’t go quite according to plan!

Academic societies – enhancing your studies, expanding your experiences and increasing your employability
Your academic societies have done a brilliant job enhancing your studies this year, including inviting over 60 guest speakers to share their unique knowledge with Durham students.
“Guest speakers are a great way to continue learning and getting career advice outside of the curriculum or typical learning environment.” Zoe Tilsiter, Durham University Geographical Society (DUGS)
“Having a guest speaker was a brilliant opportunity to hear from someone who has been successful in making a profit from creative writing.” Amber Kennedy, Durham University Creative Writing Society 

Your Academic Officers – elected by you to represent your interests
Saul and David, your Undergraduate and Postgraduate Academic Officers, are elected to make decisions affecting 17,500 plus students in Durham, bringing your concerns to high-level University meetings.
Last year the University bowed to pressure from the Officers and student body and reversed their decision to introduce 08:00 lectures.
This year, Officers are launching a Study Space Map in time for exams. It shows you places you never knew existed, how much 
space is available, opening times and nearby amenities to support your revision work!

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