How to spot a fake Freshers' event

Friday 06-09-2019 - 02:40
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Every year, up and down the country, people try to cash in on Freshers’ Week. Unfortunately, this means a number of unofficial groups and events pop up, sometimes making false claims and selling tickets for events that do not exist. Here's some advice for not getting caught out.

Official Durham events within Freshers’ Week will be hosted by three main sources:

  • The University, including your department
  • Your college
  • Your Students’ Union

The easiest way to recognise if an event is run by one of these official sources is to look for their logo or crest, and whether it is being shared by their official social media channels.

Join the Students' Union's Freshers' Facebook group and your college's Freshers' Facebook group to get official information about events taking place.

If you're still not sure about a particular event/group, feel free to contact us on Facebook and we'll try to check it out for you.


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