Durham SU explained in 7 cat GIFs

Wednesday 08-08-2018 - 01:16
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Wondering what and who your Students' Union are? Let us explain through the medium of cats.


Student Officers

Five sabbatical Student Officers are elected to lead the political direction of the Students’ Union. Their role lasts one year, although they can re-run. Each Officer has their own specialist role.


Board of Trustees


This is the governing body of the Students’ Union, which ensures the Union is well-run, meeting its aims and working within the law. There are fourteen Trustees: the five Student Officers; four elected Student Trustees and five Trustees appointed for their specialist knowledge in areas such as law and finance.


Full-time staff


Student Officers are supported and advised by a team of paid full-time staff, including marketing, policy, opportunities, commercial and finance teams.




Made up of a cross-section of students, Assembly provides an opportunity for you to shape policy, hold your Officers to account and ensure your interests are represented. Anybody can submit an idea or policy to Assembly, and anybody can attend to speak for or against an idea.


Student Groups


Student groups can be anything from a theatre group to a circus society. Durham SU has over 250. They are run by student ‘exec’s, who are elected by their members.


Bar and Café


Riverside Bar and Café is open from 09:00-23:00 Monday-Saturday and 09:00-22:30 on a Sunday, and our new Kingsgate Bar and Café is open 09:00-17:00. You can purchase food and drink, and generally use the space to meet other students or do work. Look out for events held in the bar.


Advice and Support


Durham SU's independent Advice Service is a place for all students to access advice and support, regardless of their college, level of study or department. We offer advice primarily in the areas of academic support and housing, and if we can’t help you with your enquiry, we will be able to direct you to someone who can. 

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