Burst the bubble


The Durham ‘bubble’ is something that many students experience during their time in Durham. It’s the notion that unless you fit the mould of a stereotypical ‘Durham student’, you feel like you’re living outside of the bubble. This can lead to feelings of isolation, low self-worth and Imposter Syndrome.

We want to challenge this by bursting the bubble and promoting the diversity within our student body. We want to celebrate students from all backgrounds, and create a conversation about what makes you Durham. So far, we’ve received some great responses, which you can read by bursting the bubbles on this page!

To follow the campaign, check out our social media. We’ll also be giving colleges and student groups the chance to get involved, so watch this space…

If you’d like to get involved, please contact the SU Welfare and Liberation Officer, Amelia McLoughlan at su.welflib@durham.ac.uk.