Living Wage campaign

The Real Living Wage is the hourly wage that employees should be getting to meet living costs in the UK. London have a higher rate as London is more expensive. It is different to the minimum wage as it takes into account the ACTUAL cost of living.

The movement started back in 2001 by Citizens UK who raised awareness that low pay was a major issue in every community. The campaign started to gain national momentum and called on employers to not only pay their staff but staff that they outsourced work to, e.g. cleaners, security.

In 2011 the first Real Living Wage was set and the Real Living Wage Foundation was set up in order to encourage employers to become accredited. The Foundation has found that paying the Real Living Wage has big benefits for businesses as morale increases and there are fewer staff turnovers.

The movement is still going and the aim is to have everyone being paid the Real Living Wage as a minimum.

Living Wage calculator

My Wage Living Wage
Salary per hour £ £9.50
Hours per week  
Weekly earnings £-- £--
Monthly earnings £-- £--
Yearly earnings £-- £--
Your extra contributions *

On your current salary, you'd have to work:

  extra hours per week
  extra hours per month
  extra hours per year

to earn the living wage salary shown.

To put this into context:

-- extra coffees per month
-- extra clothes washes
-- month(s) of heating
-- month(s) of food

* Based on Save The Student! budgeting averages