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Monday 30-03-2020 - 09:35

As everyone keeps telling us, we’re in unprecedented times. But unprecedented times have created some brilliant community actions, innovation and stories that need to be heard.

Now is your chance to tell these.

Whether you’re a Welfare Officer working hard to keep up morale in your college, a student group running live stream sessions, an academic rep making sure changes to exams are communicated clearly, or a student stuck in Durham far from home, we want to share your story.

We know this is a difficult time, and so we don't want to overlook anyone's experience. If you're struggling to study in difficult home circumstances, if you're feeling isolated living alone, or if you're homesick, we want to share your stories too. It's easy to feel like everyone is coping better than you, but times are difficult right now, and we want to make sure everyone in our community feels heard.

By highlighting your experiences, your stories could lead to change, creating community for other students feeling similar or bringing attention to issues that need resolving.

Whatever your experience of the current ‘lockdown’, you can share it.

Ready to tell your story? Read how to submit yours here.


*Please note: the Advice Service helpline is not a crisis number, in an emergency please use 999 as usual.



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