You have the opportunity to directly influence the policy of the Union by attending one of the open meetings held each term. Forums offer all students the opportunity to discuss some of the big issues that are affecting Durham University students. You don't have to be actively involved with the Union to attend a forum; you just need to care about the particular topic being discussed, or have an issue to raise.

Forums are your chance to change things that matter to you and your life while at University for the better.

Any issue that you want to discuss can be raised so make sure you get involved!


Academic Forum

Academic Forum is an opportunity for all students to discuss, and work to improve, matters relating to academic affairs and academic support.
Any student (undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research) is welcome to come along and use the opportunity to speak to their academic representatives working with them and representatives from the Students’ Union to resolve issues such as the following:
- Course Deadlines
- Lecture Rooms
- Reading Lists
- Hidden Course Costs
- Turnaround of Marked Work
- Quality of assessment and feedback
- Learning resources
- Academic guidance and support
- Personal development and employability



Societies Forum
Societies Forum is an opportunity for students to discuss the provisions and resources available to Student Groups affiliated to Durham Students’ Union.
The Union will also use this as a key way to inform groups about key news and advice to make the groups excel.

Students can submit their own ideas for discussion but items that are usually discussed can include:
- Resources
- Finance
- Grants
- Training
- Union Events
- Work of Societies Committee
- Health and Safety
- Collaboration of Student Groups



Media Forum is an opportunity for all students to have their say on student media groups or are just interested in student media at Durham University to come together and share their ideas.
- Content
- Editorial independence
- Collaboration of Media Groups
- Training
- Risk