Plan your vote

The future of the UK will be decided in the 12 December general election. From spiralling student costs to the uncertainty of Brexit, prove that students aren’t too lazy to vote and make sure your voice is heard on the issues that matter to you.

Register to vote
The deadline to register to vote passed on 26 November. If you are registered, you should receive a polling card to the address you are registered at.
Decide where to vote
At home, or in Durham

If you registered to vote both at home and in Durham, you need to decide where you will actually vote (you can only vote once!). You don’t need to decide until the day of the election. You might want to consider where your vote will make the most difference, and where you will actually be on 12 December.

In person, by post, or proxy

If you are voting in person, you need to pop to the polling station on your poll card between 08:00 and 22:00 on 12 December. You do not need to take the poll card with you, though it can make things easier. All you need is your name and address. (In Northern Ireland, you also need photo ID).

The deadline has already passed to register for a postal vote. If you have applied for a postal vote, you need to make sure you post it as soon as possible once you receive your ballot paper. If you run out of time to post your vote, you can hand it in at your local polling station on the day.

You can vote by proxy (get someone fill in your ballot on your behalf), if you cannot get to a polling station on the day. You need to apply using the application forms here before 17:00 on 4 December.

Check where your polling station is


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Research your vote
Make sure you place an informed vote by doing your research in advance.

A good place to start is the NUS’ Vote Savvy tool, which asks questions to help you find out which party matches what you stand for. For a more in depth look at each party, click below to read their manifestos:

We contacted all the main party candidates for Durham City in the upcoming general election, giving them two minutes to explain why students should vote for them. View the playlist here

You can also research your constituency’s candidates. Find out who is running in your area here, and then try following them on social media to find out what issues matter to them.
Make an event of it
Make sure you’ve planned when you will go to the polling station and who with, so that it doesn’t slip your mind.

Who will you vote with? Take your friends. Take your family. Take your dog. Make it a social occasion and encourage others to vote too!

When will you vote? On the way to lectures. During a coffee break. Before or after catching the train home. Make sure you fit time into your day to go to the polling station.
Share your vote
There’s no need to tell anyone who you voted for, but celebrate the fact you voted. Share it on Instagram. Tweet about it. Let the world know you are making sure students’ voices are heard, and encourage them to do the same!

For more detailed information about how to vote, go to the government’s website here.

Don’t forget, you can watch the results of the general election live in Riverside Bar and Café to make sure you’re among the first to know who will be leading the UK.