Committee Training Opportunities

Below you will find a list of all of the standard training opportunities currently on offer to committee members, use the below list to help populate your annual plan and identify development requirements for your committee as part of the registration process. Please also include any requirements that aren't listed below as we're always interested to hear about how we can increase our offerings to help develop your groups. If any of your committee have any urgent development needs outside of the registration process then please email to let us know. 

Session Suitable for Method Description
Active Bystander Training All exec members Workshop Gain an understanding of what harassment is and learn how to challenge and intervene in harassment situations
An introduction to Campaigns Any exec member involved in running a campaign Workshop Increase knowledge on how to plan and run effective campaigns
Data Protection Secretary Online via DUO (access needs to be given for this so please let us know if you need to be given access) Gain knowledge of current GDPR regulations, this is mandatory for 1 person from your group to complete to get access to your SG page on our website
Data Protection for Student Groups All exec members Workshop Understand the basics of GDPR regulations. (This session will give an overview of the basics, any groups wanting access to their dashboard on the website will also need 1 member of the exec to complete the above DUO data protection training)
Effective Charing and Leadership Skills President Workshop Understand your leadership style and how to use this to effectively chair meetings and manage your exec
Equality And Diversity All exec members Workshop Increase your awareness of key aspects of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Event Management Any exec member involved with setting up and running larger events Workshop Learn how to plan and manage successful events
Finance Treasurer Tutorial Understand your role as treasurer and how the finance processes of the SU work. This is mandatory to complete if groups want to apply for any grant funding
Food Hygiene Any exec members responsible for setting up food events / bake sales Online via DUO (access needs to be given for this so please let us know if you need to be given access) Understand how to adhere to current food hygiene standards. This training is mandatory for any groups wanting to run events where homemade food is provided, including, but not limited to, bake sales
Health, Safety and Risk Management All exec members, especially those involved with organising events / activities Workshop Gain knowledge of how to identify, assess and manage risks associated with student group events and activities
Marketing Workshop Any exec members responsible for publicising your group Workshop Learn how to increase engagement for your student group and think about the different ways that you can reach out to other students
Mental Health First Aid All exec members, especially those responsible for looking out for the welfare of members Online on DUO (the course is available to everyone, to access it log in and go to ‘My Organisations and Training – Durham SU Mental Health Training’ Help empower Durham students to feel confident, equipped and comfortable in talking about and responding to mental health concerns.
Student Group Basics All exec members Tutorial Provides an overview of how to run your student group and the SU processes that our groups need to know about
Using your Student Group Dashboard Secretary, or any other members responsible for setting up events and contacting members Tutorial Learn how to access and use your Student Group pages on our website, including: setting up events & tickets and communicating with your members