If you are looking into sponsorship for your society, please read through this page before completing the form.

Durham Students’ Union is the legal registered body responsible for all ratified associated groups.

All sponsorship agreements are between Durham SU and the company on behalf of the student group named in the agreement.

You can also download a best practice guide here.

If you need a sponsorship agreement document, you can use this template.

Make sure to get a contract, and have someone check over this for you, always provide Durham Students’ Union with a copy of any contract and fill in the appropriate finance paperwork so that we can send an invoice to your sponsor.

The Union is ready, willing and able to check and comment on any contract you are presented with and asked to sign, we encourage you to utilise this free advice.

This page contains information on how to structure a sponsorship proposal, how to make contact with organisations and get the best possible outcome.


What to include in a proposal

  • Be clear about what you are asking for
  • Who you are: Your society name/Event Name (if for a specific event) / information about your group
  • What do you want: Event Sponsorship/Group Sponsorship
  • How much: If you need a specific amount for a specific activity/purpose make this clear from the start.
    • Remember sponsorship is subject to VAT meaning that you may only receive 83% of any amount requested if you don't clearly specify that VAT is additional. Be sure to take this into account and specify inclusive or exclusive of VAT when approaching sponsors.
  • When/Duration of sponsorship: Event Date/duration of sponsorship (term, academic year, start and end date of sponsorship, e.g. 1 October 2013 – 30 June 2014)
  • Date: The date that you are writing the proposal
  • Lead contact: Event Manager’s Name/Lead contact within the group responsible for sponsorship.
  • Other Details; Student Organisation website, contact details etc. to allow the sponsor to understand more about where their money is going.

Secure sponsorship for a single event

  • What are you trying to achieve by hosting this event?
  • Why are you a credible investment, have you had major success before, are you getting sponsorship for a long standing event?
    • If this is the first year of the event where do you hope to see it go in the future?
    • If it’s already an annual event, how is it developing?
  • What is the event? (Gala, fundraiser, party etc.)
  • Key features (hallmark debate, nationally recognised guest speakers, conference for the entire north east of England, size and scale of event etc.)
  • Event Outline
    • Name of Event
    • Date of Event
    • Time of Event
    • Who will attend the event (media, high profile guests etc.) - Include approximate number of guests

Secure sponsorship for 1 Year and beyond

  • What are your student group aims; what are you trying to achieve, what is the purpose of your group?
  • How would sponsoring your group benefit the sponsor
  • What constitutes a successful year for your group? How does the money help this?
  • What are the goals of the current year (include previous goals if applicable)
    • Ensure, where possible – the objectives are measurable (to prove success and show the impact the sponsors investment had)
  • How many members are there in your society?

Brief explanation/description of:

  • What activities are planned for your group this year
  • Does your student group attract a specific type of student that may be a “hard to reach” or “target audience” for a sponsor
  • Try to gauge how successful your group will be in terms of engaging non-members throughout the year to help them realise the potential reach of their sponsorship. Is it just to the group membership or does it engage a large section of the student body based on your activity?
  • Also, importantly, be clear to sponsors if you currently have or are planning on having other companies involved with your society.

Sponsor benefits vs Sponsor fees requested

  • Identify how you believe the company would benefit by sponsoring your event/group
  • Do you share common aims?
  • How will you measure your success and the impact of their investment?
  • More events, more activities, more people engaged and attending things etc.
  • How will you recognise their impact on your activities?