Student groups can apply for up to a total of £1000 of Students’ Union grant funding every academic year, to supplement other sources of income such as membership fees and sponsorship (the Cultural grant isn't included in this so can be applied for in addition to the £1000).

Applying for a grant

To apply for a Students’ Union grant you will need to complete the application form online along with budgets and any other evidence, by the deadline for the type of grant you are applying for. To be considered for funding all grant applications require:

  • An annual budget for your group. You can find a template budget in the Grant Application Guidance.
  • At least one exec member must have attended finance training run by the Students’ Union.
  • Evidence of event planning (including budgets) when applying for activities.

Please read the Grant Application Guidance to ensure that you understand what grants can be used to fund, and for advice on completing your application. Only one type of grant can be applied for at once. New societies can only apply for a start-up grant within their first three months after ratification. Grant funding is not guaranteed and groups should ensure their applications comply with the Student Group Grant Allocation Regulations and are well evidenced.

If you have any questions about completing your application please contact

Types of grant

Select your type of grant below to find out more.

Societies may apply for an ordinary grant once in Michaelmas Term (deadline – 27 October 2019) and once in Epiphany term (deadline 15th January 2020), applications cannot exceed £1000 in total for the year. Societies should apply for all the funding they need to run their activities and events and any other expenditure throughout the academic year. Ordinary grants are considered by Governance and Grants Committee.

The Associations can apply for up to £500 from a fund designated to these groups. The application process is the same as for society Ordinary grants as above.

New student groups may apply for a start-up-grant of up to £100 to assist with establishing their new group, within the first three months of their ratification. During this time new societies should not apply for any other type of grant.

Any group can apply for funding, up to £500, from this at any point throughout the year. The form will ask you how your event will have cultural/international dimensions and how this will support you with your student groups aims and to outline how your event will engage the wider community. You must apply for a cultural grant at least 2 weeks before the event for your application to be considered.

Groups can apply for a Special Grant for situations of unexpected costs to the group, which could not be planned for in the previous round of Ordinary Grant Allocations e.g. getting further in a competition than anticipated, or the costs of an activity increasing.

Applications should include explanations of why the group could not apply for the funding during the Ordinary Grants Allocations period. Special grant applications are reviewed by the Governance and Grants Committee between the Ordinary Grants period and the end of the academic year.

You can apply for up £500 from the Academic Insights Fund. The Academic Insights Fund aims to encourage students to come together to organise academic events or launch academic projects that contribute to the learning community here in Durham. Those applying to the fund do not have to be a student group affiliated to Durham SU, but must demonstrate that they have enough of a team to organise the event/project effectively. The application should be well-evidenced and show efforts taken to make activities inclusive and accessible to all students.

Application deadlines

Ordinary grants

Deadline for Michaelmas term 2019: 27 October 2019

Applicants will hear back within three weeks of the deadline.

Start-up grants

3 months from ratification by Societies Committee

Applicants hear back: 1-2 weeks after application received (term-time).