Membership is where the majority of money will come from to run your student group and is the easiest way for your society to get income. The fees exist to cover the costs of regular activities. This upfront cost enables societies to open up regular meetings or activities to members for free or at a reduced rate, with non-members paying a higher price. Paying membership is a financial investment in the group, giving members the right to stand for election and to vote at general meetings (student members only).

As an exec you decide how much your membership price is for your group. The group can also have a life membership price which expires after the earlier of four years.

Membership is determined by the exec during the re-registration process. Once set the membership price cannot be changed throughout the year once the first membership is purchased.

When deciding how much your student group should charge you should think about the following:

  • How many events will you be putting on?
  • Will you need to contribute to guest speaker’s travel/accommodation?
  • How many members are you expecting?
  • Is there any immediate equipment you will need to purchase?
  • How much money does your student group currently have?

You can find all the information on grant allocations here.

Sponsorship is a great way to reduce the costs of your activities for your members. Think about contacting businesses that have similar aims as your group, and looking at both local and large organisations. You may also be able to get donations of equipment or resources for events. You can find out more on our sponsorship page.

Holding fundraising events is a good way to make a little bit of extra money towards your activity costs. During term-time student groups can apply to host our weekly Pub Quiz in Riverside Bar, receiving half of the entry fees for the group. Look out for information in the fortnightly Opportunities Email or email to book to host a quiz.