Finance and forms

Download the eXpense365 app - to make everyone's lives easier!

The eXpense365 app is a faster and more secure way of making student group expense payments. Claims can be both submitted and authorised in seconds using the app and there is no need for any form to be completed. As well as being more secure, the reduction in paper forms is faster for both the SU to process and you to submit. You can view the guide here.

You can download a list of frequently asked questions here.

Other finance documents


Cheques paid in for societies need to be made payable to 'Durham Students' Union' and not the individual society as we will not be able to bank these.


The deadline for finance forms is midnight on a Sunday and forms must be emailed to Providing that all necessary information and accompanying evidence is completed, forms received by this time will be processed and money paid into accounts by Friday of the same week. Any forms received after the deadline will not usually be processed until the following week.

Finance reports

You will receive a finance report every Friday to your student group email. You can view an example finance report here to understand more. If you do not receive your finance report or you have questions about it please contact