Finance and forms

Download the eXpense365 app - to make everyone's lives easier!

The eXpense365 app is a faster and more secure way of making student group expense payments. Claims can be both submitted and authorised in seconds using the app and there is no need for any form to be completed. As well as being more secure, the reduction in paper forms is faster for both the SU to process and you to submit. You can view the guide here.

You can download a list of frequently asked questions here.

Other finance documents


Cheques paid in for societies need to be made payable to 'Durham Students' Union' and not the individual society as we will not be able to bank these.


The deadline for finance forms is midnight on a Sunday and forms must be emailed to Providing that all necessary information and accompanying evidence is completed, forms received by this time will be processed and money paid into accounts by Friday of the same week. Any forms received after the deadline will not usually be processed until the following week.

Finance reports

You will receive a finance report every Friday to your student group email. You can view an example finance report here to understand more. If you do not receive your finance report or you have questions about it please contact

Student Group Finance FAQ’s

  1. I am a current/new treasurer and I don’t know what to do?
    • Not to worry! Firstly look on the SU events page to see if there is any upcoming training available.
    • If not contact and organise a quick meeting with a member of the Opportunities Team.

  1. Are there any deadlines I need to be aware of?
    • The deadline for electronic finance forms is midnight on a Sunday. Providing that all the necessary information is completed, forms received by this time, will be processed and money paid into accounts by Friday of the same week.
      • Any forms received after the deadline will not be processed until the following week.
      • If there are any discrepancies with the information provided you will be contacted. Please note until resolved this is likely to delay any payments.

  1. Where can I find the finance form and how do I complete it?
    • The form can be found here.
    • It is designed to be intuitive, so once you select ‘what you want to do’, various sections on the form will be highlighted which will show you what information is needed.
    • The form can be used for the following;
      • Re-payment of any expenses incurred.
      • Payment of any invoices (equipment, events, hire etc.).
      • Invoice request (sponsorships/donations etc.).

  1. What other information do you require?
    • For expense claims we require evidence of the expense incurred, this can be done by providing a photo of the receipt, screenshot etc.
    • For invoice payments we require you attach the invoice to accompany the form.
    • For invoice requests, provide information of the agreement (normally a sponsorship contract which a template can be found here). Ensure that the sponsors full contact details are outlined on the form and understand that a member of the Opportunities Team must counter sign on your group’s behalf.

  1. Can we pay another student group for services rendered?
    • Yes! Just email with all the information (who, what, when, how much) and we will take it from there.

  1. Do you accept cheques?
    • We can do, please ensure ALL cheques are made payable to Durham Students Union (and NOT your society).  Please include your society name & number etc. on the back.

  1. Who can/cannot authorise expense claims/make payments on behalf of the student group?
    • Only current exec members who are registered on the SU website can authorise expense claims.
    • Please note YOU CANNOT authorise your own expense claim so have another exec sign the form and send it to on your behalf.

  1. My group are not receiving their weekly/fortnightly finance reports.
    • Sorry to hear that, the provider we use can be temperamental at times, please contact to have this resolved.
    • Did you know if you download the Expense 365 app (Android/App store) you can view your transaction reports as and when.

  1. What is the expense 365 app?
    • The app allows exec members to approve/reject any expense claims made from other exec and members (taking us out of the equation).
    • Please note all exec & members must be current members of the student group on the SU website and have joined using their email address.

  1. I’m having issues with the expense 365 app what do I do?
    • Please see expense 365 FAQ’s.
      • If this doesn’t resolve your issue then please contact who will then contact the provider on your behalf.

  1. What’s the difference between ‘sponsorship’ & a ‘donation’?
    • This one’s simple and the difference is VAT!
      • Sponsorships are a transactional agreement (relationship) between your student group and a sponsor. They will give you something in exchange for something else (most usually promoting their opportunities to your members).
        • PLEASE NOTE that when you agree a fee you consider the implications of VAT. Is VAT inclusive or not? As this will affect the amount you receive, please state this clearly on the form.
      • Donations are exempt from VAT as the ‘donor’ is giving you something to do with as you please and expects nothing in return.

  1. I’m confused about the implication of VAT on membership fees?
    • This one’s easy, is your student group considered ‘active’ or not by HMRC?
      • If your student group is considered ‘active’ then VAT will not be applied to any membership fee payments and you will receive the full amount into your student group account.
      • If not then your membership fees will be subject to 20% VAT.

  1. I’m confused about the implications of VAT on event ticket sales?
    • Ask yourself is the aim of the event to raise funds (for a charity) or not?
      • If YES, they are exempt from VAT. There are a few things you need to do so please complete the trip/event form and contact the Opportunities Team for a brief meeting.
      • If NO, then 20% will be deducted from each ticket sale and you must factor this into your budget.