Planning safe student group activities


Covid-19 Response : Wider Student Experience - Durham University

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister yesterday regarding the delay in the loosening of restrictions as previously envisioned for the 21st June we are issuing new guidance for you regarding any events on or after the 21st June.

Many of the regular activities that are currently permitted will not be required to change in any way and some events planned for the 21st onwards were planned within the framework of the currently permitted activity from the 17th May and will therefore be unaffected.

However larger events such as student group balls will be affected by the delay in the timeline. If your group has set up one of these events please get in contact with as a matter of priority for support. Please do not sign any contracts or make any additional payments that have not already been made for such events. If you have already made payments include a deposit for the venue, please reach out to the venue to start considering when you could re-arrange the event to. If you have also made payments to additional suppliers separate from the venue for things like catering, tech or entertainment please reach out to these companies to see if you can move the date for these to the rescheduled date or get a full refund for any purchases wherever possible. If you encounter any issues with venues or suppliers please contact the Opportunities Team for advice on how to proceed. Please also contact anyone who has purchased tickets for your event and let them know the event has been cancelled and organise for a full refund of their tickets with the event ticketing platform concerned.

If you were in the process of setting up a large scale event in line with the proposed loosening of restrictions previously envisioned please do not make any payments or sign any contracts for these events but contact the Opportunities Team to see if we can support you to make your event compatible with the current restrictions.

If you have any questions about any of the above please do contact us.

Last updated: 16/06/2021

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