AGM/Online Elections Guidelines

All memberships need to be bought at least 14 days before the nominations period opens if members want to run and/or vote in the election.
You need to notify us of the date at least 21 days before (the extra days just account for weekends, busy periods where we might need longer to organise this to happen) so that we can freeze memberships for this time and then only eligible people can participate in the election. This is to prevent a rush of last minute membership sign ups for people to vote for their friends which would make the election corrupt.
Compile a pack of documents that need to be discussed/voted on at the AGM. This can be financial reports, a reflection of the year from exec members, constitutional changes, committee role changes etc. A list of things you should go through at your AGM should be outlined in your constitution. Organise everything and send them out altogether.
Email these out to your members with a deadline to reply via email to vote and a designated email address to send the replies to.
Email votes will be collected for constitutional changes, motions etc. NOT for voting in elections of the new exec committee.
You will also send out the timeline for your online elections and instructions: How to nominate and when, how to vote and when.
As you won’t be able to meet in person, you will have to do your elections online through the Durham SU website. This is an anonymous voting system and only members of your group can run and vote in the election. You cannot do elections through any other online platform. Please see the Student Group Elections Policy for more information.
You need to send through the positions, descriptions of positions, the nomination period (at least three days) and the voting period to at least two working days before you want the nomination period to open.
After the nomination period has ended, the SU will approve the candidates so that they can be voted for when voting opens.
If you want to have an opportunity for hustings, ask the candidates to send you in a video of their hust and you can share this on your social media. This could be done between the nomination period ending and voting closing (we would recommend you do husts at the beginning of voting rather than the end). You can ask members to send in their questions to you beforehand, you can send these to the candidates and they can include the answers in their video or do a written answer.
Once you have done hustings, voting will open and members will be able to vote at
Count the email votes that you had previously sent out and then send out the results/outcomes.
The Opportunities Team will send you the results of the election when voting has closed and you can send this to your members.