Food safety

If a student group regularly sells or gives away food that is prepared at home, they must be registered with Durham County Council or Stockton Council. There is no requirement for register for occasional events. Event organisers should follow good food hygiene practice for all events.

Hot food

Please contact in the first instance for advice on the preparation of hot food.


Personal hygiene

  • Before preparing food ensure you have washed your hands, removed all jewellery and are wearing clean clothes. Cover all cuts, open wounds and grazes with a waterproof blue plaster.
  • If you have any serious skin conditions or if you have any cough or cold symptoms you should not prepare or handle food for consumption by others.

The kitchen

  • Make sure food-contact surfaces, bowls and utensils are clean before preparing food.
  • Equipment and utensils for raw and cooked food should be kept separate.
  • Do not allow pets into the kitchen.


  • Do not use food that is out-of-date.
  • Keep ready-to-eat foods away from raw foods.
  • Never add raw egg to a ready-to-eat product, e.g. as an ingredient for icing or mousse.

Safe storage of food

  • Products that contain cream or butter-cream icing must be kept in a refrigerator at 8⁰C or less until served.
  • Make sure all food is contained in an appropriate air tight container.

Labelling of food

  • Please label food with preparation date and ingredients used, paying special attention to ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction such as gluten, eggs, peanuts, nuts, milk, sesame, celery and celeriac, crustaceans, molluscs, fish, soybeans and mustard.

If you have any questions about food preparation, please contact

Domino's pizza

The Students’ Union has an exclusive agreement with Domino’s pizza, Durham, and you can order delivery of Domino’s pizza directly into the Students’ Union after 17:00 weekdays and anytime on a weekend. When ordering into the Union, you will enjoy access to exclusive discounts and deals. Check the Riverside Bar for the latest offer.