Yes, you can claim up to £30 to cover expenses for the event/activity and we also offer and additional £30 if you complete the planning and evaluation form and include an article for the website.

The £30 expenses money can be spent on anything in which you need to run your Give it a Go session. This is designed to cover your overheads, so you can put the event on as a free of charge event for students to participate in.

This can be spent on anything which your society would like to spend it on. This £30 is an incentive to plan your event well, evaluate it and gather feedback. So when you are rewarded with it you can spend it how you want within your society (in line with student group guidelines). It does not have to be used on Give it a Go activities.

After your event/activity the Students Union will look at the planning and evaluation form and how much feedback you have received from participants and decide whether you will be rewarded the extra £30. If you receive the £30 or the maximum amount of £60 you will receive this money into your society’s account within one week submitting your claim and feedback forms.

Yes. Anyone can attend the Give it a Go sessions. Everyone who is planning on going to an event/activity needs to sign up via the event on the Durham Students’ Union website. They will need to register but this is a quick process and will allow them to sign up to events straight after the registration is complete. Events should generally focus on attracting non-members to participate.

Participants have to sign up via the website so that we are aware of numbers and that venues don’t exceed the maximum capacity and people are not disappointed if they are unable to participate. However, if there is room in the activity/event then they will not be refused permission to attend, we just ask you record their attendance.

You submit the finance forms like you do for any other expense claim. On the form there is a space for you to specify that it is from the give it a go funding. You then need to send the form to dsu.invoices@durham.ac.uk with your evidence/receipts etc.