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  • Registration is now open!  All groups who wish to continue to the next academic year must register before the deadline, the 12th June. The annual registration is to help us keep up to date with which groups are active, give us up to date contact details and to support groups the best we can. The form that you need to complete, more information about the process and all the documents that you will need can be found here. If you fail to meet the registration deadlines then your group will be deregistered from the SU. 
  • Every other week student group execs will receive the Student Group Updates Email from the Opportunities Team, which will include updates and important information groups need to know, updates from the Opportunities Officer and the Student Group Committee, events in Durham and a Student Group Showcase. If you are an exec member but are not receiving these emails please contact us so we can add you on to the mailing list.
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