Raise Your Voice


You can submit any kind of idea. This could be about a change you want to see made in the University or the Students’ Union, or perhaps you think we should be campaigning on a national issue. No matter how big or small, we welcome all ideas. Perhaps you would like more common areas on the University campus, or you are in need of locker space. Perhaps you think we should be campaigning on a specific key government issue. Whatever your ideas we want to hear from all students. 


  • Submit your idea explaining why it should be implemented and how best this should be taken forward. 

  • Once your idea has been submitted, it will be approved by a member of Durham SU staff who will confirm that it doesn't conflict with our purpose or values, then make it live on the website.

  • You'll receive notification when the idea has been approved and the Union will share it on its social media. 

  • If your idea receives 50 likes it will be considered and you will be invited to a meeting to discuss the next steps. This could be anything from, if it's a simple idea, the Union carrying it forward straight away to the idea being put to Assembly for final approval. 

  • You then need to let your friends know, share the idea and get them to vote