Free and accessible menstruation

This policy is about the provision, accessibility, and disposal of sanitary products on campus. It also looks at campaigning for and tackling taboos around menstruation.

Related Officer: Welfare Lib

Passed/Renewed: 07/12/2017

Expiry: 07/12/2019

Last updated: Michaelmas 2019

  1. Michaelmas 2017Policy passed.
  2. Epiphany 2018 Many common room welfare officers are offering free menstruation products.
  3. Easter 2018 The Students' Union reception desk now offers free organic pads and tampons.
  4. Epiphany 2019 Working with University to improve access to free sanitary products in University buildings.
  5. Easter 2019 By the start of the 2019-20 academic year, the SU will have bins with free sanitary products located around our building.
  6. Michaelmas 2019 Continued work with the University and Period Positive Durham to pilot free sanitary products in the library from Epiphany term.