Faith Space

This policy aims to lobby the University to review the faith services that it currently offers in consultation with students from different faith societies, to better advertise the faith services it currently offers, and to provide adequate faith space that is easily accessible by all students.

Related Officer: Welfare Lib

Passed/Renewed: 07/12/2017

Expiry: 07/12/2019

Last updated: Epiphany 2019

  1. Michaelmas 2017Policy renewed.
  2. Epiphany 2018 Welfare and Liberation Officer met with Grey College about an additional Islamic faith facility, and also with the University around the implementation of a new faith space on campus.
  3. Michaelmas 2018 Islamic prayer space established.
  4. Epiphany 2019 Welfare and Liberation Officer contiuning to work with University on plans for new faith spaces, including in the new Teaching and Learning building.
  5. Michaelmas 2019 New Faith Space opened in the Teaching and Learning Centre on South Road. WelfLib continues to work with University.