Antisemitism Durham

This policy mandates the Students’ Union to officially adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism and to use this definition when dealing with complaints of antisemitism through the SU’s complaints procedure.

Related Officer: All

Passed/Renewed: 12/06/2018

Expiry: 12/06/2020

Last updated: Easter 2019

  1. Easter 2018 Policy passed.
  2. Michaelmas 2018 The definition has been accepted and adopted at Durham SU. The Opportunities Officer and two JCR presidents attended 'Lessons learned from Auschwitz'.
  3. Epiphany 2019 Pincident messaging has been made clearer, with targeted messages against anti-semitism
  4. Easter 2019 Durham SU will be an official third party hate crime reporting centre as of July 2019.
  5. Michaelmas 2019 SU Staff and Officers attended training from UJS on anti-semitism over the summer.