24hr Library

Any action made around campaigning or lobbying for 24/7 library hours must include a thorough research investigation involving Academic Affairs Committee, SU staff, and Officers.

Related Officer: UG and PG Academic

Passed/Renewed: 12/06/2018

Expiry: 12/06/2020

Last updated: Easter 2019

  1. Easter 2018Policy passed.
  2. Michaelmas 2018 The UG Academic Officer began research including requesting data from the library.
  3. Epiphany 2019 Ongoing work with the Library, Security and Estates & Buildings. SU are hopeful that the library will become 24/7 during term time.
  4. Easter 2019Success! Library agreed to trial 24/hr opening hours for exam period in the 2018/20 academic year. Impact will be reviewed with a view to pushing for an increased period of 24/hr opening for the 19/20 academic year.