What is NUS?

The NUS or National Union of Students is so much more than a useful discount card. The NUS exists to represent students to ensure that you are all listened to and supported. Over 600 Student Unions are part of NUS, meaning it’s the largest student organisation in the UK, representing millions of students and providing a national voice.

Some of its successes include the removal of the postgraduate loan cap for those over 30, securing exemption from Council Tax for all full-time students, providing a student rail card.

Durham Students Union is affiliated to the NUS making us a constitute member and able to send delegates to conferences and events, gain benefits for you through their commercial section and engage in national campaigns. This means you have access to resources, training and other networking events to ensure the most up to date information in the sector.

You can find out more about NUS and its services here

What are member Unions entitled to?

Membership means Durham Students’ Union is entitled to the following:

  • National representation and campaigning (including but not limited to; National Conferences, Government Initiatives and HE Research)
  • Providing the opportunity for Students’ unions to engage in national and local policy making.
  • Collective purchasing for students’ unions (students’ unions receive cheaper prices for buying goods to be sold within venues and cafes)
  • Ethical clothing sales
  • US Extra discount card (this is not available to those who are not affiliated)
  • Support for elections
  • Training and development for Part-time and full-time officers as well as students’ union staff
  • Crisis consultancy

NUS Conference

This happens annually and is an opportunity for students from all member institutions to discuss and decide national policy and vote on next year’s leaders.

This year’s conference will be 30 March-2 April 2020, Liverpool.

If you want to find out more about getting involved with NUS, take a look at our Get Involved section.