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NUS Conference

Want to shape policy, elect national representatives and have a say in the running of the National Union of Students?
NUS National Conference happens from 27 - 29 March 2018 in Glasgow. 

Four Durham students have the opportunity to represent Durham Students’ Union at a national level by becoming Durham NUS Delegates.

You’ll be voting on policy for the coming year, electing the National President and Vice Presidents and debating key topics that affect students on a national level.

You’ll also get the opportunity to meet and socialise with students from all over the UK.

The Conference will be held in Glasgow and accommodation, transport and food costs will be covered.

We’ll be running information sessions where you can come along and find out more about NUS Conference and the delegate elections. If you’re interested then please come along to one of the sessions:

  • Wednesday 1 November, 14:00 – Meeting Room 1.
  • Thursday 9 November, 18:00 – Meeting Room 2.
  • Monday 13 November, 17:00 – Meeting Room 1.




Nominations Open

 09:00, 8 November

Nominations Closed

 17:00, 17 November

Candidate Training

 15:00, 22 November

Candidate profile/manifesto due

 23 November

Campaigning starts

 09:00, 6 December 

Question and Answer

 7 December

Voting open

 08:00, 8 December 

Voting closed

 17:00, 11 December 

Results Announced

 18:00, 11 December 

Delegate meeting


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You can download the nomination form here and email it to 

Know somebody who would make a great delegate? Recommend a friend here and a member of Union staff will contact them to let them know. 
Before you nominate yourself: 

  • Make the most of the information and support offered by the Union, chat with the Student Officers and staff and find out as much as you can about NUS National Conference.
  • Visit the dedicated NUS National Conference website here and check out their social media and see what issues you're passionate about NUS is involved with. 
  • Read through the information on How To Run, the election Rules and Regulations and familiarise yourself with the election Key Dates  

We welcome nominations from all students, no matter what level you are studying at. The candidate training session (please see Key Dates) will give you all the information you need to know about NUS National Conference and how to run an election campaign.  

At the 2014 NUS National Conference, delegates passed policy to ensure that delegations to National Conference would be made up of "at least 50% self-defining women, rounded down". As a result of this at least two of the five delegates from Durham Students' Union must be self-defining women. As the President is an ex-officio delegate and self-defines as a woman, the vote will be counted to ensure that at least one of the four elected delegates are self-defining women. If you would like further details on the specifics of the count please contact

Shape  |  Dates  |  Run  |  Training  |  Profile  |   Rules  |  Expenses  |  Complaints  |  Contact



Candidate training is an important part of the election process and all candidates must attend. Please check the Key Dates page for Candidate Training Session Times.
These will take place in the Students’ Union, Dunelm House. The training will cover election rules and regulations, campaigning and an overview of Durham Students’ Union. If you are unable to attend any of these sessions, you are still encouraged to run. Please contact to make alternative arrangements.

You are only required to attend one of these training sessions.

If you are successfully elected to be a delegate there will be a minimum of two further training sessions between your election and the conference. Dates for these will be set in discussion with the elected delegates, and you will be expected to attend them. They are to give you an understanding of the logistics of and processs you need to follow as a delegate and to support you to engage with the policy that will be debated.

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To help you with your campaign, you will need to write a profile and a mini profile, which will include your key messages and why you want to run to be a delegate. Please check the Key Dates for when this needs to be submitted.

Mini Profile

You only have 50 words - don't waste them! Voters want to know why they should vote for you, so think about if including your degree, college and society memberships are the best use of that 50 word space. This profile will be shared on social media and be visible in the voting system.

No graphics of images other than your photo (below) will be included in your profile.

Full Profile

Your full profile is limited to 300 words, and is your space to extrapolite on why you should be a delegate, what issues you want to address and how you will bring your experiences back from the conference to enrich student politics here at Durham. The profile will be available for students to read on the Durham SU website

 No graphics of images other than your photo (below) will be included in your profile.

When nominations close we will send you a link to complete both your mini and full profile online. It is your responsibility to check that you has received this link after the close of nominations and contact us if you believe you haven't.

You will also be required to have your photo taken; this will be done during the candidate training (please see Key Dates). Both your photo and profiles will be included on the Students’ Union’s website.

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All candidates will be given full details of the rules at the candidate training (please check Key Dates page).

For the up-to-date rules please refer to the Standing Orders here.

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Candidates must account for all expenditure spent in support of their campaign on the election expenses form provided to candidates after they nominate themselves.

This must be returned to the Union’s reception by 17:00 on the final day of voting

No candidate may incur expenditure beyond a maximum of £60. Candidates will be reimbursed for expenses up to £40, for which receipts must be provided.

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Complaints must be forwarded to the Deputy Returning Officer no later than the close of voting.

You can email the Deputy Returning Officer at

Full details of the complaints and appeals process are available on the Students’ Union website in our Standing Orders ( Annex C1).

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Interested in, or have questions about running?


Durham Students’ Union Reception: 0191 3341777

Deputy Returning Officer: responsible for the administration of the election: or 0191 3341777

Contact the Deputy Returning Officer in the first instance.

National Union of Students: Senior Returning Officer: responsible for overseeing the elections to ensure it is fair.


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