National Union of Students

What is NUS?

Durham Students’ Union is part of NUS (the National Union of Students). NUS is one of the largest student organisations in the world and represents the interests of around five million students in further and higher education throughout the United Kingdom.

It is a voluntary membership organisation comprising of over 750 local student representative organisations in colleges and universities throughout the United Kingdom.

Every one of these is known as a constituent member (CM) and pays an annual subscription fee to NUS.

The funds raised from affiliation fees are used to fund the campaigns and activities of the National Union, including the running of all of the democratic structures in which the union is entitled to take part.

What are member unions entitled to?

Membership means Durham Students’ Union is entitled to the following:

+ National representation and campaigning (including but not limited to; National Conferences, Government Initiatives and HE Research)

+ Providing the opportunity for Students’ unions to engage in national and local policy making.

+ Collective purchasing for students’ unions (students’ unions receive cheaper prices for buying goods to be sold within venues and cafes)

+ Ethical clothing sales

+ NUS Extra discount card (this is not available to those who are not affiliated)

+ Support for elections

+ Training and development for Part-time and full-time officers as well as students’ union staff

+ Crisis consultancy

How can I get involved in NUS?

You can get involved in with the work of NUS by:

+ Attending NUS National Conference - please see our elections page for more information.

+ Attending a liberation conference (women, LGBT+, black or disabled students) - please contact for more information.

+ Attending a section conference (postgraduate, mature and international students) - please contact for more information.

What is NUS NEC?

The National Executive Council (NEC) is made up of elected representatives from across NUS – some members are elected at National Conference and others are elected at Nations, Liberation and Sections conferences to ensure representation from those areas.

NEC is the main scrutiny and accountability body for NUS officers. The President and Vice-Presidents present a report at each meeting and take questions on their plans of work. NEC also acts as an interim policymaking body between meetings of National Conference to discuss issues which need addressing immediately.

NEC is chaired by the National President.

How can I get involved in NUS?

Monday 9 January
Open of nominations & motions - This is where students can stand to be full time officers of the NUS, it is also where NUS accept motions to be submitted for the conference itself.

Wednesday 1 March
Close of nominations - This is the close of the nominations for full time officers.

Friday 3 March
Close of motions - The deadline for students' unions to submit motions.

Friday 10 March
Publication of estimates

Friday 31 March
Priority Ballot opens - Delegates are asked to vote on which motions they believe should be discussed first, it helps to determine the order of business.

Friday 7 April
Priority Ballot closes - The deadline for delegates deciding which order they would like motions to be discussed.

Wednesday 22 April
Close of nominations for Block of 15 and NUS UK Trustees - The deadline for anyone who wishes to stand for the part time position on the 'Block of 15' and NUS UK Trustees.

Tuesday 25 April - Wednesday 27 April
Conference itself - The biggest democratic meeting of students in Europe, that sets the policy direction of NUS UK for the coming year and elects the officials that represent students' unions.