Ewan Swift
Welfare and Liberation Officer He/him

A bit about me...

I’m a coffee-loving, board game enthusiast who gets emotional when they see a dachshund. Originally from Lancashire, I have found a home here forever in Cuth’s, and especially their bars! You will usually find me stomping around Durham in my walking boots, eating more sugar than I probably should, or rewatching Doctor Who for the 100th time.

I love Durham because despite it being so small, when you think you’ve seen it all, there are always little hidden areas to explore. Heading off on a walk in Durham without a plan will always end in you stumbling across something unique and unexpected. Whether that’s the Old Gardens, the Wicker Man or a finding a new hill to get a different angle of the Cathedral, in my four years here I’ve never tired of new things to see.

To me, ensuring that all students can access academia and the wider student experience here at Durham is hugely important. My role as Welfare and Liberation Officer covers all things related to student wellbeing, equality and diversity, housing and health. Whether through policy or campaigns, my role is to support college Welfare Officers, the Associations and other student representatives to build a more accessible and inclusive campus!