Nailah Haque
UG Academic Officer She/her

A bit about me...

Hello, my name is Nailah and I’m (finally) an International Relations graduate, all the way from East London. My favourite things to do are waste my money buying skincare I don’t really need, collect postcards and drink an excess amount of coffee throughout the day. In my free time, I like to cook any of the recipes on Bon Appetite and taking photos of my friends, pretty buildings, sunsets and my cat!

My favourite thing about Durham is how serene and pretty the town is, especially in the spring and summer, but also the Durham People of Colour Association community, which has been created by the students of colour in Durham but also our alumni. I also really enjoy the sense of solidarity between staff and students and the relationships we can form with the different academics who I love learning from.

As Undergraduate Academic Officer, my role covers all things involved with undergraduate education. It’s my job to ensure that the concerns and ideas surrounding issues from access, to study spaces and to curriculum are well represented and relayed appropriately. It’s incredibly important to me that everyone who comes to Durham feels that their curriculum is well representative and accessible to their needs to ensure they get the most of their three years here.