Sam Johnson Audini
UG Academic Officer They/them

A bit about me...

I’m from Manchester and I’m a big fan of organised fun, dungarees and cider. In my spare time I am trying to scrapbook and read more, but in reality, I mostly watch a lot of bad teen dramas and spend too much time on social media. I love a good podcast, especially about true crime or politics!

One of my favourite things about Durham is the history of the city. Whether it is the Cathedral or Redhills (the Durham Miners’ Association), there’s a real sense of being somewhere much older than you, with beautiful architecture and stories to tell. While you are a student here, you get to be surrounded by that history every day.

My role at the SU covers all things academia (for undergraduates)! I work to represent your views and concerns surrounding a wide range of issues, from study space to curriculum. Everyone at Durham has the right to a good education, and my role is to work with you and the University to ensure you receive one!