Sarah McAllister
PG Academic Officer She/her

A bit about me...

To sum me up I would say I am a film fanatic, bookworm who loves art and will talk for hours about all things surrounding vikings and Old Norse society. I may also have a slight obsession with orange squash. I was born and bred in Newcastle, but you’d probably never guess that talking to me as no one can place my accent. So, if you want to know about the local area, have a talk about Norse mythology or discuss your latest Netflix obsession, I’m your gal.

I love Durham, and primarily decided to stay here for my Masters because of Cuth’s (and also because the History Department is great). Cuth’s has been my home away from home for four years now. There are so many student communities across Durham whether in common rooms, associations, departments, SU societies, etc. Throughout my time at Durham, it has been the people in these groups that have hands down been the highlight of my university experience.

My role involves all things surrounding education for postgraduates. I work closely with students, including faculty reps, course reps and representatives from across the common rooms to ensure that I represent your views to University staff.