Anna Marshall
Opportunities Officer She/her

A bit about me...

I’m a Grey College History type, easily recognisable from my untameable hair and northern accent. People know me for organising climate strikes, so if you hear me singing loudly in public that may be why. You’ll probably see me around Durham because I live for city walks and college bar crawls (I don’t like staying in one place for long and I love cheap drinks).

My favourite thing about Durham is how quickly you can get yourself out and lost in the fields and surrounding countryside – this year it was named the UK’s greenest city! When it’s raining, I enjoy kayaking on the River Wear, bouldering in Durham Climbing Centre, and writing in cafés. Human rights are really important to me, and I’m really interested in current global refugee crises and tackling the climate crisis.

As Opportunities Officer, I’m excited by all aspects of the wider student experience, from societies to Associations to events and campaigns and everything in-between. I’m committed to improving the environmental sustainability of Durham and reforming our democratic structures. I also work with the commercial side of the Students’ Union (bar, café, events etc.), and the wider community. If there’s a campaign you want some support with, drop me an email or message me on Facebook.