Meg Haskins
Welfare and Liberation Officer

A bit about me...

I'm a yellow loving, sunflower and postcard fan from Yorkshire who enjoys a chat over a pot of tea. In my free time I like going to one of Durham's many coffee shops with friends and watching a combination of random documentaries and crappy TV. I also volunteer with Durham Samaritans where I've loved getting to know members of the Durham community outside of an academic context!

The thing I love about Durham is there are so many ways to get involved and meet people; even if the first people you meet don't seem like 'your type of people', someone here will be! I also love how many different walks you can go on around the area as some of them give the illusion that you've managed to escape the Durham bubble.

As Welfare and Liberation Officer, I work to make student life fairer and ensure that every student has the same opportunities. Among many things, I lead on the SU's policy and campaigns on welfare, including health and wellbeing, accommodation and equality and diversity. I also support and coordinate self-defining students to come together in our liberation associations and liberation and rights campaigns.